Life Lessons from the Hive

“The book contains fascinating information about bees and beekeeping, and the various analogies and parallels to Christian living are natural and inspiring,” Shelbyville Times-Gazette

“The way M. J. has compared the body of Christ to the workings of the beehive is brilliant …”  Rev Jonathan Osterhaus, President Duck River Beekeepers Association

“… a beautiful book full of advice, instruction and encouragement.” Cherie Jobe, author, Secrets From Behind the Chair and Surviving the Bad Hair Days

 “M. J. Miller takes us safely into the world of the honey bee …”  Keith Elrod, 2014 Tennessee Beekeepers Association Beekeeper of the Year

What can bees teach us about the Kingdom of God? Life Lessons from the Hive explores the fulfillment of Paul’s statement: “All creation testifies to the glory of God.” This book helps people who want to grow spiritually to understand Kingdom principles through the fascinating world of bees.

Life Lessons from the Hive is a one-of-a-kind book that teaches us about the amazing community of the endangered honey bees. This humorously illustrated book safely introduces us to the inner workings of a bee hive, without the threat of getting stung.

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